Back and Forth, Part I


There is something about this process of painting that made me so incredibly frustrated it was obvious it had to do with more than just painting. This strange back and forth movement of adding darks, then painting over them, adding them back in and toning them down again. My head is yelling at me: “Why can’t you just put in EXACTLY the right mid tone and be done with it?!”. But when I looked carefully at all those midtones I noticed subtle differences. The layers upon layers that you couldn’t have re-created in any other way. The dark leaving its mark even when covered. The light showing itself only because of the presence of dark. And the obvious reminder that life is not a straight line, a predefined template. It’s back and forth and layer upon layer.


Title: Interference, Part III
Artist: Sabra Awlad Issa
Original medium: acrylic on paper
Date: march 2018

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