I found this photo while browsing through history archives. Sometimes photos just grab you by the throat so I sat staring at it for a while. Half way in I decided to Google this unknown man. I’m always afraid to this at the start cause you might find out you’re painting someone with say, a violent history.

As it turned out this guy is Charles Baudelaire, the infamous French poet who introduced us Europeans to the dark glory that is Edgar Poe and also wrote some great stuff himself. He was an art critic, depressed and an addict. I guess Charles and I understand each other.

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Title: Baudelaire
Artist: Sabra Awlad Issa
Original medium: acrylic on paper
Size: 16×20 inch
Date: july 2018
Price: $265
Shipping: Netherlands $10 / Europe $25 / World/US $35

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