Stand By


As with some of my other works, this work is also part of the process of handling myself while being out in public. One of the things that helped me manage social anxiety is associating colors with certain actions. When I need to talk or move, I think of red. But when I need to take a moment, think before I speak, slow down and not let others control my actions, I think of an aqua blue. It’s light and saturated and reminds me of a clear sky or lake. It reminds me that it’s perfectly fine to take a moment to gather your thoughts and ground yourself before you partake in a conversation.


Title: Stand By
Artist: Sabra Awlad Issa
Original medium: acrylic ink and charcoal on paper
Size: 8×10 inch
Date: september 2018
Price: $125
Shipping: Netherlands $10 / Europe $25 / World/US $35

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